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Yoga teachers, do you get nervous before you teach?

I still do, sometimes. I used to think that made me less of a teacher, but I’ve since reframed this thought — it means I still care about what I do. And that’s a great thing!


You will not be for everyone. So stop getting caught up about that one person you think is eyeballing you at the back of class 👀


I write the above statement as much for myself as for anyone else who needs to hear it. Chances are, it’s not about you. It’s probably their yoga face. And if it is about you, so be it. It doesn’t reflect on you as a teacher. I’ve been to countless classes where the teacher has been great, but I just don’t vibe with them (hopefully I wasn’t eyeballing, though).


Nerves are good, but don’t let them take over. Take a deep breath, get your students to close their eyes for a moment and focus on their breath (I used to do this all the time 😜). Of course I want students to like me, but I know they won’t all. And so instead, I just focus on being the best teacher I can be.


Embrace the nerves — you’re beautifully human 💛

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