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Sthira ~ Sukha | Effort ~ Ease

Our practice is a gentle balance of sthira and sukha — effort and ease. Or perhaps rather more accurately, a dance between the two, since we’re never firmly in middle ground, are we?

We don’t want to get so comfortable in our practice that we never push ourselves when we have the space to do so. On the other hand, we don’t want to be so consumed by effort that we’re unable to enjoy our practice at all.

How do we find balance? By being so in tune with our own inner experience, that we can recognise when we’re feeling a little stronger, a little more open. That we’re able to sink a little deeper here, or balance a second longer there.

Or perhaps noticing that “I’m actually feeling really tired today”, and easing off a little. Not taking every single vinyasa/push up/downdog/stronger variation that your teacher throws at you, and instead stripping back your practice a little, moving slower, resting more.

Tuning into the dance that is life 〰️ effort and ease 〰️

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