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Pillars to manage the busybusybusy

When life gets busybusybusy all of a sudden (or maybe all along), how do you carve out some space for yourself? Where do you find a moment to restore your breath, your being, your centre? Or is this not your reality right now? I know we don’t all have the luxury of

s p a c e .


For me, I have some non-negotiables, although I don’t really like to call them that, as it feels a bit like failure when something really gets in the way of them. And nobody wants to set themselves up for failure. Let’s call them PILLARS, because they hold me up.


1. An early morning walk outside — obviously, not always possible 🌧

2. Movement — aside from my walk, this is yoga or the gym. There’s no “I must do an hour-long class or session”. It might be 5 minutes, it might be 45 minutes — it’s simply intentional movement. 🏋🏻‍♀️


These two things keep me mentally happy, resilient and fulfilled. They are my mental pillars every day, but ESPECIALLY when life gets hectic 🫠.


What are your mental pillars?

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