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A little something about me...

Haiii 👋🏼. I haven’t introduced myself in a while, or maybe ever, so here are some things you may or may not know about me:


➰ I used to be a travel agent ✈️

➰ I started yoga as a way to deal with stress from that job, but also so that I could have something to say when people asked what I liked doing (I had nothing!)

➰ I now have hobbies, but I don’t always make time for them — I love to draw (mandalas and random stupid stuff), to write, and to read (Haruki Murakami is my fave).

➰ I’ve been teaching for 7 years, and my very first class was in Guatemala 🇬🇹.

➰ I’ve just relocated from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, but I may end up elsewhere in the sunny state soon!

➰ I like calm water — waves stress me out (need to work on this, since aforementioned move) 🌊.

➰ At times I feel disenchanted with the yoga world and spiritual bypassing, and I’ve fallen in and out of love my own practice more than a few times, but I always come back to it.

➰ I’ve experienced yoga teacher burnout, and I am learning how to navigate and balance my work to keep my passion and inspiration alive.

➰ I have a lazy eye — it comes out to play when I am tired (often) or intoxicated (very rare). Can you see it? 👀

➰ I want to learn pottery this year.

➰ I love writing lists — sometimes I’ll write a list after I’ve completed things, just to tick them off ✔️

➰ Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, by far, forever and always.

➰ I am a champion overthinker 🥇

➰ I like to assume the best of people — we are all doing our best and dealing with our own shit.

➰ You have to ask me three times before I tell you what’s wrong (it’s very frustrating 😅)

➰ I love weight training and I go to the gym most days.

➰ I’d sell my right foot for a golden retriever.


Hope you learned something new about me today?!

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